About Us

People with intellectual disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina are denied some basic human rights. On 22nd of July 1998 the initiative group of citizens interested in improving the conditions of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their gender, formed Association for the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in Tuzla Canton, know as USUTZ.

A special role in the formation, activity and support for realization of the Association objectives has the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Tuzla Canton and the Association for Promoting Inclusion in Zagreb.

The Association has established a successful cooperation with the Centres for Social Work in the area of ​​Tuzla Canton, institutions for the care of disabled persons in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Pazarić Bakovići and Drin) and with other organizations from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For achievement of its objectives the Association has support of the United Nations – Division for Social Policy and Development (New York – USA), Open Society Institute (Hungary), Salva Vita Foundation (Hungary), ABILIS (Finland) and MDAP (Mental Disability Advocacy Program).

From 2003 Association is a full member of the Association of EPHA (European Public Health Alliance), which operates in the field of health concerns within the EU.

Thanks to the successful cooperation with these organizations, the staff of the Association had a series of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, and is trained to work in the following areas:

  • Institutionalization Prevention
  • Specialized foster care
  • Inclusion and Deinstitutionalization
  • Support for living as a part of community
  • Supported Employment

With decision of University of Tuzla, Association is approved for scientific teaching base of Educational Rehabilitation, University of Tuzla.

The Association acts as NGO and non-profit organization.

Our Vision

People with intellectual disabilities contribute to society as active citizens in all spheres of life. The contribution of these people must be recognized as the driving force of society in the same status as other citizens.

Our Mission

Encourage and actively participate in the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in community life as equal citizens and as citizens who can enrich the community.

Objectives and Tasks

  • Expert assistance in the inclusion of children with disabilities in regular kindergartens and schools.
  • De-institutionalization and prevention of institutionalization of children with disabilities and accommodation in the families and accommodation of adults in the residential units.
  • Daily treatment in day center for rehabilitation.
  • Finding work in open labor / workshops suitable for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • The inclusion of children, adolescents and adults in organized forms of free time.
  • Organization and implementation of professional support for people with intellectual disabilities who live independently in the community.
  • Cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of Tuzla Canton to develop inclusive models of treatment and professional support within the social protection system.
  • Participation in systemic change of legislation in favor of people with intellectual disabilities, in accordance with the recommendations in the documents of the United Nations.

What Parents Think About Us


Five years ago I could not imagine that my son could travel alone.
By opening a daycare center “Center for Self Representation” – Tuzla, my son became much more independent and a lot has changed in its affairs in the household and in the use of free time.
Travels alone to the Center, going alone to the theater, to concerts, to the doctor, to his friends and can go to places that are far from Tuzla.
All this is done without any fear. So I am very happy because defectologist in the Daley Center contributed to a great progress for my son.



Support Team


Dr sc Fata Ibralić, diplomirani defektolog


Alma Ćemanović, medicinska sestra


Mr sc Mirsad Ibralić, dipl edukator/rehabilitator


Dr sc Alma Mujić-Ibralić, ljekar


Ajša Šehić. medicinska sestra